NK-40 Vibration Friction Welding Machine

【 Introduction】

Vibration welding is a friction welding which means producing heat through mechanical friction between a linear moving work piece and a stationary component. The motion stopped after sufficient material melted. Then the plastic solidifies and forms a permanent bond. Almost all thermoplastic can be welded as well as glass filled or fiber-reinforced material and some material combinations


Widely used in automotive industry, plastic product, household appliances, office automatic parts, etc

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Application Demonstration

Product Feature


  This machine maximum welding area is 1500*700mm, can weld irregular and complicated thermostatic work piece. Equipped with digital vibration frequency conversion power source, automatic resonance and frequency automatic tracking and adjusting


1. Mainly used for welding small or irregular shaped plastic parts

2. It could welding several workpiece,no need other binding substance, no stink, no pollution

3. For damp and a amount of plastic additives have good welding effect

4. With PLC control system,Auto acoustic door good for operation. When it brake button is pressed, the door is close automatically


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GD SCARA ROBOT CO.,LTD is an intelligent automation technology enterprise that integrates researching,designing, manufacturing,selling and serving as a whole

1.  Used PLC and Japan imported brand SMC for cylinder

2.  Used Swiss imported system for ultrasonic system and use Japanese imported A-ZBIL brand for temperature controller and temperature block, which is stable and high-efficiency

3.  Equipment operation is simple and safe, one person can operate it

4.  Welding parameters can be set in man-machine interface and parametric adjustment, which is stable and high-efficiency





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APPX 3520kg



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