NK-CZ001 Automobile C Pillar Ultrasonic Welding Ma

Product Introduction:

This kind of automotive interior trim welding equipment, adopts the high strength steel as the frame, the Swiss original ultrasonic system and the original imported transducer, the high precision limit wire rod can adjust the height of the upper mold. The FESTO cylinder controls the motion of the die plate, with a large output force and strong adaptability, which can work normally in high temperature and low temperature environment. Siemens PLC machine interface control, high precision, easy to debug, stable performance, adjustable Angle, it also can be combined with semi-automatic or automatic production.

Application Demonstration

Product Feature

Equipment Advantage:

1. Use Siemens 300 or Mitsubishi Japanese for control system PLC and Japan imported brand SMC for cylinder;

2. Use Swiss imported system for ultrasonic system and use Japanese imported A-ZBIL brand for temperature controller and temperature block, which is stable and high-efficiency;

3. Equipment operation is simple and safe, one person can operate it;

4. Welding parameters can be set in man-machine interface and parametric adjustment, which is stable and high-efficiency;

5. Solder joint is full without excessive glue and wire drawing, the single point drawing force is greater than 20 kg.


Model   No.:





APPX   600kg



Power   Supply:


Air Tank:

SMC   Japanese Brand

Air   source:


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