NK-P7 Hot Riveting Machine

1. Adopted Mitsubishi PLC from Japan for control system;10-inch man-machine interface; digital parameter setting.

2.Equipment adopted plate-type structure, the work principle is transferred electric heating to hot riveting head to forming shape by melting and cooling; Adopted integral pressure frame, which is consist of upper and bottom die, the bottom die using POM material and made by POM material. Driving mode is pneumatic.

Application Demonstration

Product Feature

1. Special dedicated machine; feeding and welding station.

2. Double-start button and grating isolation; In case of emergency, can stop machine by blocking grating or pressing stop button

3.Applies heating tube, constant temperature control to ensure temperature of welding head within range of ±5 degree; Independent welding spot control, easy to operate.

4. Solder full and strong without welding mark; Drawing force > 20KG,one person can operate machine.


Model No.:





APPX 500kg



Power Supply:


Air Pressure:


Diameter of main air tube:


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