S1526A 15k Ultrasonic Standard Plastic Welder


Ultrasonic plastic welding machine can shortens process time, a combination of plastics can be finished through ultrasonic processing within several milliseconds

【Product model】NK-S1526A


Clean, stable and reliable, low energy consumption, efficient and economical


Electronic products, cars, electrical appliances, toys, stationeries, lighters, household articles, package and weaving industries

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【Ultrasonic Welding Principle】

1. Ultrasonic welding machine is the use of ultrasonic generator to convert low current frequency to high frequency AC, then the same frequency of mechanical vibration by ultrasonic transducer

2. Mechanical vibration transmitted to the ultrasonic welding joints by the amplitude modulator, the vibrational energy welding joints received transfer to the workpiece to be welded joint. In the region, the energy through friction converted into heat energy, to melt the plastic

3. After vibration stopped, maintain short-term pressure makes the weldment on artifacts in molecular link way solidification as a whole

【Advantages of Ultrasonic welding】

1. High-quality ultrasonic transducer, strong power, good stability

2. Welding faster, each welding time only need 0.01-9.99 seconds

3. Titanium alloy mold for a variety of environments, not easy to damage

4. Compact design, small volume

5. Low noise, good working environment

6. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, no distortion, no pollution, welding firm, and convenient operation

7. It can be accurately set and quickly adjusted parameters

8. Metal paint box, beautiful appearance, durable resistance to fall 


Why choose us?

GD SCARA ROBOT CO.,LTD is an intelligent automation technology enterprise that integrates researching,designing, manufacturing,selling and serving as a whole

1. Special snap ring, easy to fix

2. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, no distortion or pollution

3. Excellent sharp design, square saved

4. Automatic frequency adjustment, stable output power, high welding strength

5. Essential parts are assembled by imported component

6. Low noise, environmental protection





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