NK-WJJ001 Folder Inside Page Roll Cutting Machine

1. High quality material DC53 made of round cutting knife, wearable and durable

2. The feeding is smooth and the receiving is neat and easy to take.

3. Discharge the magnetic powder to balance the tension control, and the gas rise shaft can be easily loaded.

4. Control electric box is intuitive, easy to understand and easy to learn, easy to operate.

5. Speed variable frequency control can be adjusted at will.

6. The cutting tool can be exchanged arbitrarily and the installation is simple and convenient.

7. The structure of the whole machine is exquisite, reasonable in design and beautiful in appearance.

Application Demonstration

Product Feature

Efficient----cutting up to 40 meters per minute.

Intuitive----Adjustment operation is convenient and intuitive.

Quality----No crush, no streaks, no trimming

Economy----automatic work, saving labor, one person can operate one machine.


Model No.:





APPX 185KG   



Power Supply:




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