SKR-XS01 Ultrasonic Wire Harneszs Welding Machine

1. Adopt American ultrasonic technology, micro-processing control, automatic frequency tuning, while detecting current, phase frequency.


2. Time is controlled by time relay, which is easy to adjust and more intuitive, accurate.


3. The main original part is imported, Germany imported transducer, which energy conversion efficiency is high


4. The circuit has frequency deviation, excessive current and double automatic protection device to guarantee the stability of the equipment


5. The low cost can be used to replace welding nozzle, the welding nozzle is extremely hard, greatly reduce the wear of the welding nozzle, the welding head has many welding surfaces can be installed quickly and the cost is minimal.


6. The installation, debugging and operation of the equipment are simplified.


Application Demonstration

Product Feature

1. High melting strength.

2. Close to cold processing, workpiece not annealing, no trace of oxidation.

3. After welding, the conductivity is good, the resistance coefficient is very low or near zero.

4. Low requirement for welding metal surface, oxidation or plating can be soldered.

5. Welding time is short, no need any flux, gas, solder.

6. Welding without spark, which is environmental safety.


Model No.:


Work Model:





APPX 55KG   



Power Supply:




Air Pressure:


Working Stroke:


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