Technology Export Project

Technology Export Project

Executant: Guangdong SCARA robot Co., Ltd


Target: Help any company over the world build industrialization production and design center for the fields which are ultrasonic application used for plastic, metal and fiber materials. The design center is used for steel alloy model design and plastic model design.

Technology background:

Ultrasound is a sound wave with a frequenry beyond 20 KHZ.The principle of ultrasonic welding machine is to generate high-voltage and high-frequency signals of 20KHz (or 15KHz) by the generator. Through the energy conversion system, the signal is converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration and passes through the surface and internal of the workpiece. The friction between the molecules increases the temperature of the interface. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the workpiece interface is rapidly melted ; when the vibration stops, the workpiece will be cooling and setting under a certain pressure at the same time. Cooling and shaping will achieve perfect welding. which is applied to produce the workpiece of plastic products .


Studies shows that the application of ultrasonic welders in the industry has become increasingly common around the world. Increased productivity and reduced costs due to the application of this technology to replace the flux, adhesive, pinning or other mechanical fixing methods required in the past. So far, this technology is already used for plastic industry and fabric material. Regarding fiber material, ultrasonic welder can produce cloth, shoes cover, mask, underwear,kitchen rag,carpet, consumer products and so on; In plastic fields, ultrasonic welder can produce medical instruments, arbitrary shape’s plastic products, office products, consumer electronics products such as SD card, mobile phone shell,CD shell, power charger.

In recent years, metal welder is more popular used for car industry such as car lamps, car parts, automotive interior which is used for car inside decoration, cable welding


Technology Plan: Guangdong Scara robot Co., Ltd is going to export complete industry chain to any potential company over the world so that companies from different countries could obtain industrial manufacturing capacity. In the whole process, people from those companies should master the following knowledge and skill:

1. Mould design skill and relevant experience

2. 2D and 3D design skill

3. Mould material physics knowledge

4. Injection mould

5. Circuit science and electricity knowledge

6. PLC software knowledge and network knowledge

7. Package products line knowledge

8. Machine basic theory and robot theory

9. Artificial intelligence knowledge

10. Ultrasonic cleaning technology and knowledge

The requirements for people is from high middle school. However, It is better with higher level.


Produce process:

The following words describe the complete process to produce products of ultrasonic application. Guangdong Scara robot Co., Ltd would like to help any potential client to master it.

Design product structure→Make product prototype →Make product 3Ddesign→make embryo and corresponding material→produce original mould prototype→verification mould prototype→test mould prototype→produce injection moulding→Assembly product→make finial product→make product package→delivery product to client→install product in customers place and make testing(It is finial step before client to operate the machine)

Plasti or metal alloy welding in assembly product has the following modes:


Study studio: Guangdong Scara robot Co., Ltd is going to make a list for study studio so that company from different countries is able to learn the knowledge how to master and design the complete industrialization production line in ultrasonic application field.

Equipment for plastic mould: Lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, computer boring, wire cutting, spark machine

Equipment for installation:Screw machine, screen printing machine, pad printing machine, ultrasonic welding machine series

Equipment for package:Blister molding machine, high frequency machine, blister packaging machine

Equipment for PLC: PLC software, PLC hardware, 2D/3D software, servo motor,stepping motor,

Equipment and courses for AI:basic AI knowledge courses, chat robot development tools set,Network courses, basic machine theory courses, industry computer structure courses, basic physics courses, basic sensor courses


Finial result:Guangdong Scara robot Co., Ltd would like to wish any company over the world could build ultrasonic application industrialization line so that this kind of industrialization ability greatly help their company produce more products based on plastic material or metal alloy. At the same time, the company could independently design different machines in ultrasonic application fields.

You are welcome to contact us regarding technology export. We would like to help your company to improve your competition in the market. Lets cooperate each other so that we could create double win model.

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