scara hot selling Speaker Mesh Ultrasonic Welding

Product Introduction:

1. Double station and left and right directions welding area to save cost and improve efficiency

2. The product consists of 3 riveted solder joints. Each product is welded in the left and right welding area. The welding head is made of titanium alloy material. It is durable and durable. The welding cycle is short, the welding is firm, the back side is not welded and the drawing force is more than 20kg.

3. The equipment is easy to operate and one person can operate it.

Application Demonstration

Product Feature

Product Feature:

1. Mitsubishi PLC and 10 inch man-machine interface, digital parameter setting

2. 4 sets 28k ultrasonic system, easy to operate

3. POM fixture by CNC machining, shelf adopts steel square welding

4. Using SMC pneumatic component.


Product Name:

2JA Speaker Mesh   Ultrasonic Welding Machine




APPX 500kg



Power Supply:


Air source :


Diameter of main   air tube :


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